Magazine blog post 5

I am inspired by the way the main images are incorporated for each of these magazine layout examples.The images are large and represent what the page would be about. For my magazine I would like to have a large image of Beetlejuice to really grab the viewer and give the attention to him. I am also inspired by the lines and shapes that are incorporated into the design. The stripes and the wavy strands. I would like to incorporate something similar into my magazine page.

Magazine blog post 4

I chose these colors because they remind me of Beetlejuice. He wears black and white stripes, has green hair, and purplish makeup on his face. The use of black, green, purple and white would be best in representing Beetlejuice.

Magazine blog post 3

whose under your bed magazine pulls you into the world of nightmares, and things that go bump in the night. This magazine gives you insight on all of your favorite creepy, ghostly, and zombified friends. In here you can find anything from interviews, to movies coverage and stories that’ll make you jump out of your own skin.

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Who is Beetlejuice?


  • HEADLINE: 50 Questions with BEETLEJUICE
  • DECK:  He has been called every name under the sun. We decided to find out who this so-called villain really is.
  • BYLINE: By Lauren DeSouza

I chose the News Magazine story layout. Beetlejuice is Tim Burton film that came out in 1988. The main character is Beetlejuice himself.